Saturday, June 1, 2013

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Since Father's Day is only a couple of weeks away, I thought that I would gather up some ideas for DIY gifts from the kiddos! I found a ton of really good ideas, I am just hoping I can pick one.

Picture gift from (East Coast Mommy): Cute, simple and cheap!

All About My Dad (All For The Boys): Great way to let your child draw what they love about their Daddy!

Canvas Painting (Thrive): This is definitely something I am seriously considering, then adding pictures to make it a collage painting :)

Happy Father's Day Crafting Everyone!


We had a little outing to the local ice cream parlor where we enjoyed some yummy ice cream and beautiful sunny weather before heading to the grocery store :)

Sydnee and her Cotton Candy ice cream

(I tried to take a picture of Bentlee having some tastes of mine but he 
wanted nothing to do with that idea)

Bentlee playing before nap time with his old metal tractor. 
He loves his trucks and tractors that's for sure!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Why Not Climb It?

Well today was pretty laid back but also eventful. After a morning and afternoon full of mommy duties I was able to sit down for a few and write a post about camping! Afterwards I cooked up some grub for the family before Daniel had to head off to work for the night. Clean up was easy, thankfully Sydnee helped me clean up Bentlee's unusually large mess of scattered food. Awhile later we headed to the park with my sister and her family. As all 5 kids are running around playing, being crazy and enjoying being outside away from the walls I noticed, like I do every other time I go to the park parents telling there children "NO, DON'T CLIMB THE SLIDE!" or "GET DOWN!"

The first time Sydnee ever climbed a slide I did the same exact thing. It isn't "socially acceptable" to let your children climb UP the slide, then I got to thinking and my mother actually brought this to my direct attention, WHY NOT? Really what is the harm except for a collision with another child, which is something that can be avoided and talked about before it happens if parents are involved. Developmentally climbing a slide is such a rich experience and helps children build confidence, large motor skills, problem solve and develop social skills. To me all of these things out weigh the idea that it's not proper or socially acceptable. Your child deserves every experience to explore and develop themselves as possible, right?

Just something to get you thinking the next time you are thinking about telling your children not to climb up the slide.

Here is a wonderful blog post about why too climb a slide and all of the great things that can come from it! Benefits Of Climbing Those Slides (The Golden Gleam)

Sydnee & Her Cuzzies

Bentlee Climbing The Slide 

It's June, Whoop!

It's FINALLY June, yay!!!! Only bad part about June is that Sydnee gets one year older :( on the plus side of that sadness it usually means a month full of sunshine! Living in Oregon usually means "Liquid Sunshine" not the real stuff. June also means that I have waited until the last minute once again to finish all the things that need to be done for the parties and get togethers that we always have going on in this month.
On top of celebrating Sydnee's 4th birthday this month it is also the Hubby & I's 2 year wedding anniversary(and 6 years dating), Friday BBQ's with our good friends and park dates galore. Last year we went on a spur of the moment road trip to Bend and ended up sleeping in the car on some BLM land after bowling and a camp fire, this year I don't think that we are going to be able to get away like that due to Daniel's new job schedule but I am going to see what I can do to make it some kind of special. He deserves to be celebrated as a great companion much more often then he is. 


 Camping is something that we love to do in the summer time, we have already stayed in a yurt once this year with the plan for many more trips. I thought that these tips and links might be helpful if you enjoy camping and outdoor fun with your family in the summertime also! Check them out

Family Camping Check List (Portable Baby Blog): A complete list of what you need to take on your next trip and even some extra things.

5 Rules For Camping (Chevrolet): 5 very important rules when you are headed out to go camping with your family.

Delicious Camping Recipes (Six Sisters Stuff): So many amazing and easy camping/campfire recipes.

Homemade Bug Spray (Remodelaholic): Great all natural bug spray recipe.

Tumalo State Park
Bend, Or

Loves before bed <3

Roasting Turkey Dogs For Dinner

Sydnee & Bentlee Waiting For Daddy To Start The Fire

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Us In A Nutshell

I am starting this blog as a way to keep a journal of my life as a mommy, wife, sister and daughter. I don't want my life to go by without any way to look back and see what it was like in my head vs. how it felt on the daily. I want something for my children to be able to look back on and reminisce on their childhoods!


Let me start off by telling you a little about myself...Dun, Dun, Dun :)

My name is Hailey, I am 21 years old a SAHM and wife! I have gone to school for Early Childhood Education so I know quiet a bit about child development and the amazing journey that children get to experience. I enjoy so much about my life and feel so grateful to be living it. I love to craft, clean, shop and talk...I also love camo to hunt, fish, get muddy and I have a fetish for diesel trucks. Although the one thing that I love above everything else is my family and friends.

My Husbands name is Daniel, he is 24 years old a utility worker at a local mill and a wonderful husband and father. He is also a volunteer firefighter in our hometown, loves working on trucks, hunting, getting muddy and guns. He works very hard for his family and never complains and is an all around awesome guy who always puts his babies first.

Our daughter Sydnee will be 4 years old in just 9 short days. She is a ball of fire, super outgoing, very smart, strong headed and independent. Her birth was quiet tragic and resulted in a c-section that I couldn't be awake for, she was born not breathing correctly and spent 7 days in a NICU at a hospital an hour and a half away from home. Looking at her now you would never know she had a rough start, we are so thankful for that.

Our son Bentlee is 19 months old and is just like his sister!! :) He is a very independent, chatty, outgoing, witty and busy! His birth was much better, delivered him at 40 weeks via c-section. I was able to be awake the entire time and the nurses had him up and latched on before I was even stitched up. A very good experience compared to the first time around.

And then there was Shelbi...

Shelbi is our 6 month old Boxer puppy! She is well...Shelbi! Crazy, hyper. loving and super loyal. She definitely became a very important part of our family the day that we brought her home at only 12 weeks old!

Up on the farm checking out the logging that is going on
(Daniel, Sydnee & Bentlee)

Learning early :)

Playing at the beach in May? What!?!?! That never happens here!

<3 <3 My Husband and I <3 <3

Be Looking I Will Be Posting Again Tomorrow :)